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Solar Lantern Systems
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MARUTHIís Solar lanterns are designed to operate as one integrated system. This system includes the power generation, storage as well as the light. The fully integrated system incorporate the latest and most innovative technologies providing years of convenient and trouble free lighting. Maruthi Solar has a wide range of solar lanterns which includes CFL and LED lamps. The Solar lantern is an excellent solution for household electrification and variety of applications in rural/urban areas.

Highly efficient two-step charge controller protects battery from overcharging and deep discharging. High frequency inverter offers high efficacy, more light output and long service life to the CF Lamp.

Features: Omni-directional light distribution with no dark area Safe and easy to operate Adequate protections and indications Rugged and attractive body made of ABS plastic Sealed Maintenance free battery Charging via Solar Module or AC Mains using optional Charger Portable with easy Handling
Application: Emergency Light Source Light Source in remote unelectrified villages Picnic Sports and Farm Houses Military Outposts Light sources for the field personnel of Agriculture extension, Adult Education and other Mass Communication Programmers

Technical Specifications:

CFL based Solar Lantern Systems
Technical details 7 Watt
SPV Module 10Wp
Battery@VRLA (SMF) Lead Acid 7Ah
Lamp/Wattage 7W
Rated light output 370 ± 5%
Daily Usage Capacity 3 to 4 hours
Storage Autonomy 3 Days
Data subject to change due to continuous improvement.

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