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Maruthi’s Solar Inverter can power domestic loads like Personal Computers, Laptop, Incandescent bulbs, CFL lamps, Fluorescent lamps, Halogen lamps, Fans, small mixers, blenders, food processors, TV, music system, DVD player etc. The output generated by this is pure sine-wave and is meant for all types of sensitive electronic equipments. It does not generate irritating audible hum as with any conventional Inverter with any type of loads.

This SOLAR Inverter collects and stores SOLAR energy in the battery and generates pure Sine wave 220V AC output to power domestic electric appliance and fittings. It has a dual SOLAR-SMPS charger with advanced intelligence to automatically select either SOLAR power as priority or ac mains to power up the loads. It has advanced protection system to make it one of the most rugged SOLAR Electric Power generating system available.

The two stage Inverter has a High frequency MOSFET based SMPS voltage booster followed by an IGBT based Sine-wave Inverter. It does away with the conventional Iron core transformer making it one of the lightest Inverter available. In comparison, over 75% reduction in weight and over 50% reduction in size, is achieved. The efficiency of this Inverter is high primarily due to the removal of the Iron core transformer and due to the deployment of High frequency SMPS and IGBT technology.

The SOLAR charger charges the battery whenever the SOLAR energy is available. The Solar charger is of PWM type and having three level charging topology. It has the temperature compensation. The system automatically tops up the battery and protects from overcharge. Higher capacity SOLAR panel can be connected optionally to reduce the dependence on mains ac supply. Separate LED's clearly show the battery's charge level.

The SMPS charger is used to top up the battery in case the SOLAR energy is insufficient. The microcontroller continuously monitors the SOLAR PV panel Voltage, the battery Voltage, the AC line Voltage and frequency and controls the operation of the charger. The SMPS charger deploys a three stage constant current - constant voltage – trickle charge method to keep the battery fully charged automatic boost mode selection keeps all the cells in the battery healthy and primed.

Features: High frequency SMPS based IGBT Inverter Fully automatic SOLAR charger with auxiliary SMPS mains charger No bulky Iron core transformer, so light weight and compact Highly stable sine wave voltage and frequency with 16 bit Digital Control No load cutoff and automatic re-connect of the inverter Excellent output voltage regulation with load and decreasing battery voltage Fuse Fail detection Low idle power consumption Silent operation. No hum noise on fans, fluorescent lamp, motors etc Advanced fault protection Single switch control for Start/ Standby/ Reset/ Shutdown Intelligent cooling fan control to minimize dust accumulation Auto reset function for Overload and Short circuit trip Low Battery & Battery deep discharge protection Capacity to charge highly discharged battery Automatic Boost and trickle charging PWM Solar charging ( Boost/Float/Trickle) Battery temperature compensation Easy external accessibility for AC and DC fuses Extensive Indications and Alarms

Technical Specifications:

Rating 550VA 850VA 1000VA
Battery Voltage 12V DC 12/24V DC 24V DC
Peak Inverter Efficiency 90% 95% 95%
No Load Power consumption   < 6W  
Output voltage in backup   220V+/-5V  
Output frequency in backup   50Hz+/- 0.1Hz  
Output Wave form   Pure Sine Wave  
Load type   Resistive, Inductive, Capacitive  
Main Relay rating   30A/250V (resistive load)  
Mains mode operation range in UPS mode   185+/-5V to 260+/-5V a/c  
Mains mode operation range in INV mode   120+/-5 to 280+/-5V a/c  
Cooling   Forced air with automatic control  
Changeover time   <8mS in UPS mode / < 15mS in INV mode  
SOLAR PV rating   12V-500W/24V-1000W  
SMPS Charging Current   12V-8A+/- 2A/24V- 6A+/-2A  
Float (Trickle) charging Voltage   13.7/27.5+/-0.1V  
Boost mode Voltage   14.1/28.2 +/- 0.1V  
A/c Fuse rating   10A, 30mm Glass  
DC fuse rating   2x 40A 20mm Blade  
Dimension WxDxH (mm)   275x295x90  
Weight   5.0Kgs  
Data subject to change due to continuous improvement.

Solar Inveter [2.29 MB]