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Solar Charge Controller - Hybrid
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Maruthi’s Solar Charge Controller product lines are the best option for compact, stand alone solar systems. This charge controller's centerpiece is a microprocessor which controls a security and information functions as well as guaranteeing optimal charge control. Separate LED's clearly show the battery's charge level. This means the operator can determine the current operating status of their system at any time. With their 3-stage charging process (boost, float, trickle), Maruthi Solar charge controller can also charge flooded lead acid and VRLA batteries. In order to maximize the battery's life further still, the charge controllers also feature integrated temperature compensation. The housing can be installed directly onto a wall.

Features: Advanced microcontroller technology Accurate voltage settings Battery 12/24V auto detection PWM based series battery charging Very low voltage drops Various LEDís to indicate battery status and faults Push button controlled statusindication to avoid idle power loss 100% solid state High efficiency series regulation with three stage charging technique Built-in temperature compensation
Indications: Charging in progress Battery status indications Low voltage disconnect

Technical Specifications:

Nominal Battery Voltage 12 / 24V ( Auto Recognition )
Solar Charging 5/10A (Max)
Load Current 5/10A (Max)
Charging T opology 3 Stage (Boost, Float & T rickle)
Array Input Voltage 30V (Max) for 12V System, 50V (Max) for 24V System
Regulator T ype PWM Series Regulator
Mode of Earthing Common Positive
Terminations Screw T ype Connector Suitable for 4 Sq. mm Cable
Self Consumption < 6 mA (With no LED glowing)
Dimension 100 X 170 X 40 mm ( H X W X D )
Enclosure T hermoplastic - A BS
Storage T emperature -20 to +65°C
Operating T emperature 0 to +50°C
Fixing Wall Mounting
Humidity 95% RH
Battery type Flooded / VRLA
Efficiency >95% (Typical)
Weight 270 Gram
Ingress Protection IP22
Application Indoor
Data subject to change due to continuous improvement.

Solar Charge Controller [1.49 MB]